Behind the Crime

Police Car

Investigative Tools

Investigators arrive on the scene of the crime, inspect the site, and so begins their journey Behind The Crime. With advanced technologies and techniques developing daily, this blog was created to bring you the tools, techniques, and science behind the officers sworn to protect us and bring convictions to the accused so justice is served for the innocent victims.

Investigative Tools

  • 911 Call
  • Amber Alerts
  • Working Dogs
  • The Victim
  • The “Perp”  or Criminal
  • Crime Scene Search, Protection, & Crime Scene Reconstruction
  • Lifestyle Backgrounds
  • Fingerprints
  • DNA
  • National Criminal Records Data Bank Search
  • Family, Friends, Foes
  • Cell Phone – Calls, Texts, Emails, Photos, Pings
  • Computer Forensics – Computer Scans, Social Networks, Emails, Internet Searches
  • Media Investigative Leads
  • Computerized Imagery  (such as 3D crime scenes, etc)

Behind the Crime provides a “fast search” by Topic Category in the right sidebar.

Salute to the Badge

We salute the men and women who work in law enforcement, laboratories, and prosecutors’ offices who every day take us behind the scenes  as they work to uncover the clues  “Behind the Crime“.

Blood HoundOfficers Search


3 Responses to Behind the Crime

  1. Checkitout14 says:

    What about “undercover” research and tools?

    Some examples:

    GPS systems
    Tapping of phone lines
    Hidden cameras
    Hidden audio equipment

    Undercover cops

  2. Checkitout14 says:

    More examples:

    LE Dogs (Search & Rescue, Cadaver, etc.)
    FBI’s famous “Body Farm”
    Forensic Profiling

  3. streetsmart1 says:

    Many of these were discussed earlier and are planned to fall into some “topic pages” not yet finished and posted here.
    The opening page will be expanded to include more points as the Topic Pages are Written.
    There is an article posted on the recent use of GPS in tracking criminals. Good ideas, thanks for your input!

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