3 D Imagery In Crimes

Ever evolving technology allows investigators to track the movements of cell phones and other GPS based devices to pin point physical movements.  Pings from cell towers also play a major role in tracking movements.

Investigators dig for facts from statements, witnesses, tips and leads, locate cell phone records, work with cell phone companies to build a “ping” triangulation.  This triangulation can pinpoint within an area where the cell phone was used, towers it hit upon, etc.

Input of all the “known” facts of the case and investigators can build a 3 D image to show not only the known area of travel, but also the geographical lay of the land such as is this a heavily wooded area of travel, near a lake, etc.

Both sides of cell calls can be physically located to a “vicinity” by these ping triangulations.

This imagery leads investigators to the next level of  was the perp in the area of where the crime was committed and were there others talking to them by phone who could have assisted as well.

3 D Imagery has become more widely used in some high profile cases.  One recently is the Casey Anthony case in Orlando, Fl where a young mother failed to report her daughter missing for 31 days.  The child was found skeletonized in December 08.  The mother has been charged with murder and is set for trial next year.  Law Enforcements agencies have resorted to imaginery tracking since the mother has failed to offer cooperation in the case.  Active bloggers and news hounds have even taken advantage of Google Earth and other dimensional programs to track the movements as information on the case is released.  One such sample is posted below.

Animation Caylee Anthony Crime Scene from Orlando Police Dept is featured on the home page of Behind the Crime compliments of the Orlando Sentinel.

Bloggers and individuals tracking facts released facts of the case:


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