You, The Tools & Laws

GPS TRACKING WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE ? Know the law and your rights.

Police use GPS to track suspects despite murky law

By RYAN J. FOLEY, Associated Press Writer Ryan J. Foley, Associated Press Writer – Mon May 25, 3:26 am ET
MADISON, Wis. – Investigators were tipped that habitual criminal Bernardo Garcia was back to making and dealing methamphetamine in 2005 but they needed more evidence to nail him.

So they secretly installed a GPS to his borrowed Ford Tempo. The technology showed Garcia often drove to land in northwestern Wisconsin, where investigators found a stash of meth-making equipment.


2 Responses to You, The Tools & Laws

  1. Checkitout14 says:


    Map of US monitoring of sex offenders

  2. streetsmart1 says:

    Just shows once again that too often we rely on the “unreliable” when dealing with criminals. GPS can tell where you are but not what you’re doing.

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